Friday, January 20, 2012

It's a small world...

I have been following Run Sick Boy Run since I found it after I googled Cystic Fibrosis the days following Bryce's diagnosis. I love the raw honesty that he and Mandi bring to the table. I also have been extremely interested in the journey they took to bring Mckenna into the world.

For most of you who don't know, Cystic Fibrosis doesn't only affect the lungs but many other organs. It affects the pancreas, liver, gallbladder, intestines, and reproductive organs.

Since learning all of this, it has brought a lot of sleepless nights. Thinking... What age do I tell him that there is a good chance that he cannot have children the "traditional" way? Do I tell him when he is out of high school so he doesn't become the Lady's Man or do I wait until he is serious about a girl? Should it be earlier than high school when I tell? Do I tell him or do I let him find out himself? Should I be the one who tells him or should Nathan tell? Will he find that one person that is ok with this? Crazy right !?! We are many years away from this, but this bothers me almost as much as the life expectancy.

Well not long after I started following Mandi and Ronnie, they announced that they were going try to have a child by IVF. I found this to be so interesting because even though Bryce may not be able to have a child the "traditional" way, there is chance for him to still have a biological child if he goes this route.

So let's skip forward to the birth of Mckenna. I believe it was the day after she arrived, I was looking at all the pictures that Ronnie had posted on his facebook page. While I was doing this, my mom walked through the door on the phone with work, as usual. If you are ever around my mom, 9 out of 10 times she will be on the phone, at least once, with work.

When she was finished with the conversation, she asked what was I doing, So I started showing her the pictures and telling her about the journey that it took to get McKenna into the world. Well as the conversation went on and my mom took over the iPad, she some how came across to Ronnie's name.

She said, "Where is he from?"

 I said, "I don't know, somewhere in Arizona."

She said "Oh, I now a Ron Sharpe. That's who I was talking to when I walked in."

I looked at her and said "Really? When I joined cysticlife Ronnie mentioned that his dad lives in San Antonio. I don't know his name though."

So as soon as my mom said that, I messaged Ronnie asking if his dad was associated with the VA Hospital here in San Antonio. Guess what !?! It is Ronnie's dad. How crazy is that!! My mom speaks with him often.

I am just amazed how small this world is!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hello, Anyone There???

Hi!! We are still here but been crazy busy as everyone else has been. I am thinking I am going to try to catch everyone up on the kids in this one post. Nope, I am not going to write a novel but do it by pictures and a few short stories...

Here we go...

This is how Bryce thinks he needs to do treatments now. 


From April 13, 2011 to Sept. 18, 2011 Bryce was hooked up to a machine that was literally beating the crap out of him. :(
We went to the Jungle Book play. The kids were supposed to dress up in the jungle theme but Bryce refused to wear his costume. Brianna was a cave women.

Brianna made me a Rocket (Little Einsteins) cake out of play dough for an early birthday present. She said it's my favorite show.


 90 degrees in October equals a day in the sprinklers!!

 This is the first word Brianna wrote on her own at home.  

 I gave Granny B a bottle of wine for her birthday. She says she has never drank before but if I was the mother of 5 kids, I would definitely be hitting the bottle.
 This is a picture that her and my aunt Joyce sent me!!! Crazy people. Aunt Joyce went and bought apple juice that matched the wine color. All I can say is that they have way to much time on there hands. Oh Granny, if you see this, Aunt Joyce posted the picture not me. Bahaha she would be so mad if she knew this was on Facebook and my blog. I don't even know if she knows what a blog is. :)

 Birthday ice cream at Texas Roadhouse...

 Brianna and her ribs!!! She loves them.
 Brianna's birthday party at Morgan's Wonderland... 
Happy Thanksgiving...

Brianna and Aunt Joyce getting ready for Thanksgiving Lunch.

Brianna and Bryce were the designated clean up crew.

 Brianna and her home made fishing pole because she broke her pink one.

 Bentley waiting for Santa to come and bring him something.

 This is Lola Darling, you must say Darling with a southern accent. If you don't, Brianna will inform you that her name is Darrrling. She is my mom's dog that Santa brought to her. She had to stay with us for a couple of days while my parents were out of town.

 Lola on her first jeep ride on the jeep that Santa brought.

 Bryce would not leave the tree alone!

 Santa came!