Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hello, Anyone There???

Hi!! We are still here but been crazy busy as everyone else has been. I am thinking I am going to try to catch everyone up on the kids in this one post. Nope, I am not going to write a novel but do it by pictures and a few short stories...

Here we go...

This is how Bryce thinks he needs to do treatments now. 


From April 13, 2011 to Sept. 18, 2011 Bryce was hooked up to a machine that was literally beating the crap out of him. :(
We went to the Jungle Book play. The kids were supposed to dress up in the jungle theme but Bryce refused to wear his costume. Brianna was a cave women.

Brianna made me a Rocket (Little Einsteins) cake out of play dough for an early birthday present. She said it's my favorite show.


 90 degrees in October equals a day in the sprinklers!!

 This is the first word Brianna wrote on her own at home.  

 I gave Granny B a bottle of wine for her birthday. She says she has never drank before but if I was the mother of 5 kids, I would definitely be hitting the bottle.
 This is a picture that her and my aunt Joyce sent me!!! Crazy people. Aunt Joyce went and bought apple juice that matched the wine color. All I can say is that they have way to much time on there hands. Oh Granny, if you see this, Aunt Joyce posted the picture not me. Bahaha she would be so mad if she knew this was on Facebook and my blog. I don't even know if she knows what a blog is. :)

 Birthday ice cream at Texas Roadhouse...

 Brianna and her ribs!!! She loves them.
 Brianna's birthday party at Morgan's Wonderland... 
Happy Thanksgiving...

Brianna and Aunt Joyce getting ready for Thanksgiving Lunch.

Brianna and Bryce were the designated clean up crew.

 Brianna and her home made fishing pole because she broke her pink one.

 Bentley waiting for Santa to come and bring him something.

 This is Lola Darling, you must say Darling with a southern accent. If you don't, Brianna will inform you that her name is Darrrling. She is my mom's dog that Santa brought to her. She had to stay with us for a couple of days while my parents were out of town.

 Lola on her first jeep ride on the jeep that Santa brought.

 Bryce would not leave the tree alone!

 Santa came!

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