Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Madness!

I received a call from daycare last Thursday stating that Brianna had 102 fever. So of course, I left work and went to pick her up. She looked really sleepy and her cheeks were really red. She fell asleep between daycare and home (about 20 minute drive). Didn't really think anything of it. I took her to my room and put her in my bed so that she could watch TV while I disinfect the whole house. I made arrangements for her to stay at my parents for the night, stay with my mother-in-law tomorrow and have my grandma come over and stay with Bryce until Danielle came over.

(Oh yeah I haven't blogged yet about taking Bryce out of daycare yet. Sorry!)

Well all of this probably took about an hour, so I walked back into my room and find Brianna on top of my dresser sitting there watching TV. I guess that is what I get for assuming she was asleep. I said "I guess you are feeling better." She replied "Yep, I'm not sick" She seemed fine but I took her temp and she was up to 103.6, but acting totally normal.

That night she stayed with my parents and in the morning, my mom took her to Barb's (mother-in-law). Seemed to be acting fine but still had a temp. In the middle of the madness yesterday, I some how managed to make her an appointment with our family doctor in town for that morning.

Not a big deal right because she is acting fine !?!

Brianna has the FLU!!!

Great!!!! Before knowing that she had the FLU, I already made the decision that she was going to stay with my parents until this bug got out of her system. Now it looks like she will be staying with my parent for the next week. Isn't like she would even care that she had to stay with them. She would probably move in with them if we would let her.

I guess this is my first episode with her getting sick around Bryce, so of course I consider this a crisis. And YES! I am in the understanding this will happen many more times during the 18 years that they are both living under my roof.... Hopefully, they are not still living with me when they are 40!

I called the CF clinic that same day and they prescribed Bryce to take TAMIFLU just for precaution.

On Sunday, Bryce began to start running a low grade fever around100. Didn't think much about it because he is starting to teeth and he is already taking TAMIFLU. Well that night when I went to add more formula to his night feed, I noticed that he felt like he was on fire. I ran into the kitchen to get the thermometer and sure enough he had a fever of 103.2. I unhooked him from his food, gave Motrin, and took him to bed with me. After 2 hours of rocking, walking around the house and etc he finally went to sleep. When we woke the next morning, he was back to a 99 temp.

This continued for a couple of days. I called clinic on Monday and told them about the situation of his fever and they said it didn't sound like a CF thing and to try to get him into his pediatrician and if that didn't work, then we could bring him in. We took him to the non-cf doctor and they couldn't find anything wrong, no flu, no RSV, and no Strep!!! His lungs sounded great too! Nothing was wrong with this kid but his fever. Last night was the first night that he hasn't had a fever... Hopefully this was just a little bug that he was able to get rid of without having to use an antibiotic.


  1. I feel your pain my friend. Anytime someone in the house gets sick (other than our Bryce) they are "banished" to the basement or we shuffle the non-sick kids to one of the grandparents house. lol. My husband got the flu last year and I literally packed up the kids and we went to stay with my mom for 2 days. Oh how I dislike cold and flu season. Two more months...two more months...we can make it!!!

  2. Hope things even out soon. That is the worst! Hope Bryce starts feels better as well as Brianna!