Sunday, January 16, 2011

Avoided another hospital stay

I am pretty sure we are out of the woods from another hospital stay for the time being. Bryce has been running a low grade fever around 100.8, since Wed. He had a schedule visit with clinic on Thursday and they stated that it's some type of virus and let it run it's course. They mention to me if his fever reached above 102.5 to call. Well on Friday, when I came home from work he didn't really look to good and was burning up. I took his temp, it was 103.4. Holy Smokes!!!! I gave him some motrin then called the doctor and of course she wanted him in the ER. Well being the kind of parents that really didn't want another hospital stay, Nathan and I took our sweet time packing the bags. I would say 30 minutes lapsed and his fever was already down to 101.3. So we decided to cook a quick dinner and see what it was when we were done eating. It was 99.9. I called Dr. Franks back and told her that we would not be going in that the temp came down to 99.9. She said "Great, since the ER is full of sick kids right now." His fever finally broke around 10:00 pm Friday night.
Yesterday, he didn't do much but sleep. Now today is back to being happy go lucky Bryce, pulling his sister's hair every chance he gets.


  1. Glad you avoided the germy er. Great mama call! Hope he starts feeling even better soon.