Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Go Super Fast but not Super Duper Fast....

It's amazing what a 2yr old says, well almost 3 next month.
I think it might of been Monday morning. We were driving to daycare Bri says "Mom drive super fast but not super duper fast because the copers (cops) will get you." Where does she get this from??? I have no clue. I wish at times I could have a video camera recording her 24/7. She says the funniest things.
This morning, she walks into the kitchen and says "Mom my cups are everywhere! I have one in the living room, one in your bathroom, one in your room, one in my bedroom and 7 in my drawer." I said "Well, how do you know where you have all of your cups at." She replied, " While I was waiting on you, I went around the house and counted." Yes, she did say, "while I was waiting on you." I said, "Bri, then why didn't you pick them up and put them in the sink." She said, "I was to busy counting."

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