Monday, October 18, 2010

So far so good....

After coming home this last hospital stay, things seem to be going great. Thank God!!! There seems to be some kind of relief or something. It is like I have finally got the hang of this. I don't know if I am become more familiar with Bryce as a baby and more comfortable with CF. So lets just pray that Bryce stays in this good of health.

The funniest thing just happened. Brianna is giving Nathan and I trouble about going to bed. She is always in bed by 8pm and usually asleep by 8:30pm. As I was typing, I heard little pitter patter coming down the stairs. I yelled, "Brianna Paige, I know that is not you coming down the stairs." Then all you heard was her march back upstairs pretending it wasn't her. She is a nut. She says the funniest things and knows it.

Bryce has made a total 180 since getting the g-tube. He seems to be catching up on all his motor skills. We are giving him a lot of tummy, I don't think he likes it but I see his improvement.

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