Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Call from Clinic

Clinic called today and informed me that Bryce cultured pseudomonas. We will be changing from augmentin to cipro and adding tobi to our breathing treatments.

I don't know how I feel about this... I don't know how bad this is that he is culturing pseudomonas. The nurse said they would talk to me more about it in clinic on Thursday and that they just want to get him started on the new antibioitics as soon as possible.

I would love for someone to share there experience with pseudomonas and the treatments.

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  1. We just got our 1st call on Dec. 10th that Madeline cultured it...and we have never dealth with it. I cried for days cause I thought we could avoid it. The clinic mentioned that it is impossible to avoid. We started her on Cipro and she is also doing the tobi. The tobi takes 20 minutes extra and the cipro does horrible things to her stools (just make sure you start culturelle!) They thought that she would beat it in 28 days of TOBi since she cultured a "moderate" strain. Good luck if you have questions you can email me...sfaderlong@yahoo.com
    22 month old daughter with cf