Thursday, December 30, 2010

Follow Up Visit

This morning we had our follow up visit from last week were we lost half a pound and the first clinic after hearing the dreaded words of "he cultured psuedonomas..."
Overall, I would say might be our best visit so far in weight gain. We gained 1.2lbs in a week!!!! That is the most that he has ever gained in a week. The respiratory therapist said that if he keeps this up, we will be able to be fitted with a vest within the next 3 months!!! I am beyond excited.
Our Tobi arrived today while we were at clinic, so we will begin that tonight. Lisa, our NP, stated that is takes about an additional 30minutes or so just to do that one treatment. Seriously??? We did change his treatments from every four to only twice a day since we now know the cause of all of his wheezing and coughing. I would say 99% of it is gone. So I definitely won't argue with that change!
Our dietitian recommended that we start adding whole milk yogurt to his diet. Does anyone one have any recommendation with what brand has the highest calories???

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  1. Wow- great news on the weight gain! Tobi takes us 22 minutes on our Invacare Mobilaire Compressor. Otherwise, most Pari (or other compressors) will take at least 30 minutes. If you have some extra cash to spend I would recommend the mobileaire. It has cut all treatment times in almost half! My yogurt suggestion would be YoBaby(I think 100 cal for 6 oz) or Trader Joe's Greek yogurt (comes in a big tub of 8oz but is over 17 grams of fat!- you can give it in small doses) let me know if you need more info! Good luck!