Tuesday, July 26, 2011

South Padre

Our family vacation this year was to South Padre Island, TX.

    We didn't want to go too far away from home being that it is our first vacation with Bryce. South Padre is about a 4.5 hr drive for us.
    Also, mom and I used it as a test run to see how many extra bags we had due to Bryce's medical needs.  We are planning on going to Disney World next spring!!!
    I actually had all of the kids, Nathan, and my clothes packed in one large suitcase. Then the other 3 bags were Bryce's beat box (vest machine), his compressor and nebulizer, and the last was his feeding pump and supplies for night feeds. As well as an Ice chest for his meds, so I guess Bryce actually had 4 bags.
    We only had one crisis on the trip. I left Bryce's bottle of enzymes at the restaurant and didn't realize it until 11:00pm!!! I called, called, and called again but no one answered. Mom and I rushed over to the place hoping that we could find someone that was able to let us in. 
    Luckily, we found two of the cleaning ladies pulling out of the parking lot. They didn't speak hardly any English. In our English/broken Spanish we got them to understand how important the medicine was and that we really needed them. She had to call the manager and get the code to get back inside. We got them! We hugged them and said "Garcias" a million times!!!!
    From that little adventure, I learned that going forward I am only going to take a  pill case of enzymes with me when we leave the house. :)

 Friday night we went on a Pirate Sunset Cruise... Both Kids had a blast!!

Ahoya, my name is Bryce ARRRGGGHHHH!!!!

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