Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What we have been doing lately...

We have been very busy since spring.... Work is crazy as well as the kids are loving the warm weather. From sun up to sun down we are outside playing. Nathan and I have been working on the backyard this year so that it's self has kept us tied up. Now it's a lot more kid friendly. We finally have grass that is starting to grow but I don't get to water as much as I would since we are on water restrictions. 

Nothing like South Texas in summer!

 We also have been to a couple of different plays at the Magic Theater... 
Then we made a trip up to Boerne to see some of Nathan's family. 
This is their English Mastiff that Bryce was in LOVE with... I believe he is a little over one year old. I have always wanted on of these dogs but I don't want to clean up their messes :)

We have had several play dates with Julie and Reagan...

I suckered Julie to come stay with me and help with the yard, while Nathan went to Canada to watch a UFC Fight.

We have had one trip to the ER with Bryce because he pulled out his g-tube and it closed on us within 6 hours... They had to reopen it.
Plus I am pretty sure if Brianna had CF she would NOT wear this mask. Now she thinks that if Bryce gets to wear one then she does too.

We went to the Watermelon Jubilee this year. Brianna had a fabulous time but Bryce not so much. It was way to hot for him. So after the parade, Nathan and him went to the house.

Brianna and I had a girls day and went to Sea World

Besides all of this, if we are not sleeping we are doing this...

Oh! Brianna can swim now without floaties!! I don't have any pictures yet because I am a little nervous about taking my eyes off of her while I am working the camera but some will come soon.

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  1. I dont know if tricked is even the word I would use. lol The girls had a great weekend and played so well. We need to get them together again soon.... I was/am so lucky to have been apart of Bryce's life and watch him grow into the handsome little man he is. To know that I was Bryce's first girlfriend. lol I miss that little guy. Gotta love those two little brats.