Saturday, July 30, 2011

Labs... Worse on him or me???

    Thursday July 28, Bryce had to get 2 different labs. The doctors need to know how Bryce is aspirating into his lungs.
    Our first lab of the day was x-rays of his upper GI to see if he was refluxing and to verify that his nissen wrap was still intact. It appears that he is not refluxing within 5 minutes of eating/drinking but his wrap looks a little loose. It is still intact but the doc said it doesn't seem as tight as it should be.     
    This was the worse one of the day! They strapped him down. One strap goes across his head, another one around his chest, and the last one around his legs. He screamed and yelled for the first few minutes.
    It's awful seeing your child this way and knowing that he is scared. I just wanted to unstrap him and hold him.

 Drinking the barium so that they are able to see if he is refluxing. He chugged it because he was so hungry from not receiving his night feeds or breakfast that morning.

 He finally went to sleep after getting something in his stomach.
He fought so hard, his toes came out of his shoes.....

   This is after the upper GI test. He is playing with his dietitian Brittany while we wait for his swallow study test. Brittany went with us because she can't believe that Bryce is swallowing his enzymes at this young of an age. He began swallowing them at 13 months. His enzymes are about the size of tylenol capsules.
 Most kids don't start trying to swallow pills until they are 3.

 A swallow study is when they take x-rays while he is chewing and swallowing his food. Bryce swallows his food good but doesn't chew his food enough. We will now be seeing a speech pathologist to help him learn how to chew his food correctly.
We did impress Brittany, the speech pathologist and the radiologist with his pill swallowing skills that they went and found a couple other doctors to show them.

In other words, Bryce is a rock star in swalloing pills.

OOOO, nice machine!
Not to excited about everything being coated in barium and having the chalky taste.
Finally over and he gets the rest of his string cheese without barium.
The small things in life! ;)

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  1. Poor Bryce. It is HORRIBLE to see him straped to that table. We had to go through the same thing when Madeline was 2-6 months old. We did an x-ray every month like that. It is so hard. I felt like they were torturing her....I always thought "there has to be a better way!!!!". Glad he made it through! Love the fact that he is swallowing pills! What a superstar! BTW- love the pics ;)