Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 10

Well we have officially been in the hospital for 10 days and it is looking like another 2 weeks before we get to go home.
This week he will be having a allergy test done and then on Thursday or Friday he will finally be getting his Fundocplication surgery and a g-tube....
Yep we are getting a g-tube. I don't know how I really feel about this. He seems to gain weight good on his own but right now they want to get him to the 75th percent and we are only at the 50th. The docs are telling me that this is best for in the long run. I rather have him around for a hundred years then not. So G-tube it is.
I am nervous on how Brianna is going to react to his G-tube. She will probably try to give one of her baby dolls a g-tube. So I was thinking of going to get a cheap baby doll and have Nathan some how make it look it has a g-tube. She already gives all of her babies CPTs while I am giving Bryce his. Maybe she will grow up to be a doctor. Yeah right, she will be a perfect attorney. That child negotiates everything. I mean EVERYTHING and is stubborn as you can get.
Besides that nothing much is going on. They added some more medications to our ever growing list. His antibiotic and steroid will actually end when we leave the hospital so that is good. After his surgery and g-tube is inserted, they will slowly wing him off of his reglan.

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