Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I cannot tell you how happy I am that yesterday has come and gone. I thought the day wouldn't be to bad, I got to sleep an extra hour and a half because Brianna had her 3 month check up at the ENT. All went well except that they are sending her to get blood work. They think she has a severe food allergy or her sinus cavities didn't develop correctly or something like that. I feel bad because what occurred a little later that day caused me to forget everything that was said at the ENT appointment.
OK....Back to how my day went. After the ENT, We were on the way to daycare. The CF clinic calls and say " Can you bring Bryce in right now?" I said "Sure, but I am an hour away" ( For you who don't know, I live in the country not it San Antonio.) They replied "OK, we will have the receptionist to notify us when you arrive." Then the conversation ended. I was stunned and dumb found. WHAT THE HELL is going on NOW!!! That is all I could think of.
Well let me back up. I called the clinic on Monday because Bryce start spitting up bad again. All they told me to always keep him sitting up at a 45 degree or higher at all time. Fine, that was easy. So I was so surprise when they called and wanted me to come in today. I mean he has an appointment on Thursday.
So I am now at the clinic, almost in tears. I wait about 10 minutes and my mom showed up. THANK GOD!!! They take us back. Come to find out, the doctor and the PA both couldn't sleep the previous night and wanted to see Bryce immediately. That somewhat brought peace to me. It made me realize that these people TRULY care.
Then my heart fell to the floor. Bryce dropped weight, he is under the 30% range. I have worked so hard to put that weight on him. Next, they listened to his breathing, lifted up his shirt to show me how it would look when he is struggling to breathe. I almost broke down thinking "Am I that bad of a mom that I couldn't tell he was struggling to breathe." I noticed on Sunday that he was wheezing but it went as fast as it came. I may be over exaggerating when I say struggling, he was just working harder than normal, but i felt it as if he was struggling.
Last but not least, they think he is growing staph in his lungs!!!! What??? Isn't that horrible???? I am freaking out. Asking a million questions.
Finally the nightmare(appointment) is over. We left there with 4 new medicines!!!! Now I am trying to get into the routine of 4 new additional medicine. They don't foresee him having to keep taking them once this little episode is over. THANK GOD!!!!!
After all this, I go to the office and take care of a couple issues, then I went and picked up Brianna at daycare (Bryce went to work with me).
You think my day is over, but I am just in the middle of it. Now we are at the grocery store. Brianna is in the stage of wanting everything in sight. I am taking things out of the basket as fast as she is putting them in. Finally we are at the check out line. I look down and she has only one shoe on.
I asked "Bri, where is your shoe?"
She replies, "By the bread."
So now we get out of line and go to the bread area. Nope not there, so now I start looking everywhere. Still no shoe. Finally I see a little boy that has her shoe in his hands. I am trying to get the shoe back and he isn't giving to us. Finally his mom threatened him. I am so annoyed at the point but there is more to come.
Now we are back in line to check out. This guy walks by and asks if Brianna could have a lollipop with a balloon tied to it. Sure, why not. Finally everyone is happy and we are heading out the door. All sudden she starts screaming, I am looking around trying to figure out what happen to her. I realize that her balloon came untied from the lollipop and was floating away. While all of this was taking place, I had 4 works swarm me asking me all of these questions like had I spanked her in the store. Finally, the manager walks up with another balloon and explains what happened. I was so afraid I was going to have child protective services at my house time I got there by how this was all played out.
Hold on there is more to my day. I walk to the pharmacy and to pick Brianna's 2 prescriptions and 4 of Bryce's prescriptions. They informed me at this time, that they were still working on Bryce's and that it would be another 10 to 15 minutes. I was thinking, ok by the time I load the kids and groceries and pull to the drive thru it should be ready.
When I finally get to the drive thru, the lady wants me to come back inside so that I may speak with the pharmacist. I told her no, the doctor explained the medicine in great detail to me and that I don't need someone to read the label to me. I am more than capable of doing that myself. Yes, my parents taught me to be respectful to my elders but I am not an idiot nor do I like to be treated as a child. I am a very responsible 26 yr old.
Finally, I get my prescriptions. We have a 20 min drive home. We get home and I am organizing the medicine and realize that Bryce is missing a medication and the pharmacy is closed!!! The main one of all the ones to be missing!!! I finally called it a day. Got Bryce, did both treatments, put Brianna to bed, then finally went to bed myself.
I sure hope I don't have another day like this for a long time!!

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  1. Phew glad that day is over!!! I hope today was MUCH better! Xo