Thursday, August 5, 2010

First Hospital Stay

We had our first hospital stay. Our first with either child. Brianna has never been to the hospital except for her ear surgery but she was out in 2 hours.

It all start Saturday, every time Bryce would eat he was spitting up. I know,I know babies spit up but not my Bryce. I found it to be weird but I honestly thought he just had a lot of mucus on his tummy because he sounded congested and coughed some up earlier.

That night both kids went to my parent's house. Mom called me after I was out of church on Sunday stating that he still wasn't keeping a bottle down. I called the CF clinic and they had us go to the emergency room and the doctor was calling ahead so that the ER doctor would see him right away. I was so scared. I have never taken one of my children to the ER and even more scared that the doctor was calling ahead so they would be ready for him.

Now we are in the room with the ER doctor. You know the typical questions they ask you. Then he asked me "What kind of vomit?" I replied " Like the Exorcist." He just cracked up laughing. No lie, 5 seconds later it happened. It shot across the room. They ran us up stairs and did a sonogram and an X-ray. Results came back, NOTHING! Everyone was surprise. Then it happened again.

The ER doctor called Bryce's CF doctor and they agreed that he needed to be admitted. It took us 3 HOURS to get a room. 3 HOURS!!!!

That following morning (Monday) they did 3 more X-Rays and another sonogram and still nothing. Our team of Doctors were coming to the conclusion it was a virus. They decided Bryce should stay another night. They wanted to monitor his lungs because the x-rays were showing aspiration in them.

It's now around 3 o'clock and he kept a bottle down. YEAH!!! All night Bryce is keeping his bottles down. Whoohoo it looks like we are going to go home.

Early Tuesday morning the nurse comes in and says "I am preparing your paper work for y'all to go home, all I need is the summary from the doctor so I can finish my part." We all know how busy doctors are. So she warned me it would probably take some time before we would be able to leave.

At 9am that morning, Bryce has another shooting vomit. We call the nurse and she calls the doctor. Guess what!!! We are staying again and having another test done at 1pm that day.

Finally at 4 pm on Tuesday we had a diagnosis. Bryce has a condition that his stomach doesn't relax so that it can empty at a normal rate. This was causing him to have acid reflux. The doctors said that this is extremely common in babies and that usually they out grow it. Since Bryce is a CFer, they gave him medicine to help with it. In addition to his Zantac that he was already taking, they added Reglan.

We have been vomit free in our household for 48 hrs now!!!!

Oh to top everything off, Brianna would sell Nathan and I in a heart beat so that she could move in with Nana and Papa. Of all days she decided she didn't want to go with them was Sunday!!! The day we needed her to stay with them. You gotta love 2 yr olds ;)

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