Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 1 & Day 2 at Daycare/Work

Sorry I didn't write last night, I was exhausted and crashed once I had both kids in bed. Bryce did awesome his first two days at daycare. I think Grandma Donna and Julie are falling in LOVE with him already. I mean, who couldn't he is the cutest most sweetest little man ever! When we arrived to daycare the first day, Grandma Donna met all 3 of us (Brianna, Bryce and I) at the door. She was so cute. She had her smock on (they only wear the smocks with Bryce to help not spread germs from other babies they hold) and gloves on. She was so excited to finally get to keep him. She would see us pick up Bri everyday and would ask "When do I get to start keeping that sweet boy?" Today (day 2) Julie was talking to me and said " I can't believe how easy he his." Come to find out she was so nervous about keeping him. Oh and Shay, the director, has called me once in the morning and afternoon to let me know how he is doing. I am so appreciative of her. She is so sweet and does everything with so much love for the children.
I can't seem to get back into the swing of work. I am hoping since Nathan is back home from being out of town the past couple of days, I will be able to sleep better. I was not real sure how much time it would take to get both kids and I ready for the day. I woke up each day at 4 AM!!! Man, the last time I was up at 4 Am was in college.

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