Monday, July 5, 2010

Family Gatherings

Little exhausted today. Brianna has a low grade temperature and has been doing breathing treatments every 4 hours for her asthma. Her ears look great and when you ask, she say she doesn't feel bad. This is my first experience with her being sick around Bryce. I have tried keeping them seperated as much as possible and made sure that I had her wash and sanitize her hands a lot. Bryce seems to be fine. He did his sleeping and eating schedule as normal.

Yesterday afternoon was great! We had 2 family gatherings to attend. My uncle had his 40th Birthday (Happy Birthday Bubba!) and my dad's side of the family did fireworks. The best part of the day was that Bryce actually laughed out loud!!! He is such a happy laid back baby.

Man, I did not realize fireworks produced so much smoke. Unfortunatly, Bryce and I had to go inside to watch them. I still have a lot of every day things to become familar with that will effect Bryce. Overall, we had a great day!

P.S. Yes, I still have not lost all my baby weight. LOL!

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