Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Night Before I Return Back to Work

I have a lot of mixed feelings going on right now! Tomorrow is my first day back to work and Bryce's first day to go to daycare. I am excited about going back to work because I absolutely love my job but I am having so much anxiety and guilt about Bryce going to daycare. I have no doubt at all that he will be taken care of and loved like he is at home. If anything else maybe even a little more. Grandma Donna (his caregiver) is the sweetest lady EVER! Shay (the director) knows and loves each and everyone of those kids as much as her own 3 boys. She has been wonderful through this whole ordeal with Bryce. She has checked on us daily and reassured me that he is in great hands. Shay promised that she will send pictures, texts, and emails all day long. I have no doubt that he will be taken care and will fall in LOVE with the place like Brianna, Nathan and I have. It's wonderful daycare!
On to the the doctor's appointment today. Everything went well. Bryce had his first throat culture. He did great! Didn't even cry, just looked at the respiratory therapist like she was crazy. He gain weight as well so that is always awesome. Besides that it was mainly informing the grandparents about CF. I must admit, I love the staff there. They are so optimistic and have so much energy. You can tell the love the children and their families! They sit and talk with you as long as you need.
In the past week, Bri has became extremely close to Bryce. She wants to be with him every second possible. When we are all in the living watching Dora, I will lay him with her on her couch. She gets so excited and talks, sings and holds his hand. She is such a great big sister. She is also so excited about him going to "school" with her tomorrow. Daycare said that is all that she talked about today. Oh another great thing about day care is that they will allow Bri to check on him in the nursery as much as she desires. That is a paper towel in the background, not a diaper lol... It looks like one but I swear it is not. Brianna had the Windex cleaning the windows along that wall this afternoon. She is great window cleaner but horrible at throwing her paper towels away.

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