Sunday, July 11, 2010

Weekend Bliss

This weekend has been great! Saturday morning with met with a good family friends of my parents that has a son with CF. They were in town for the weekend to visit. It was very good getting to talk to them face to face instead of over the phone. It made us feel that we were not alone. Yes, my parents have been great to talk to about it but I really enjoyed talking to someone that has experienced the emotional roller coaster that we are going through. That night, Brianna stayed with my parents (as she does every Saturday night) and Nathan, Bryce & I decided to dine in. We decided to make pan seared Salmon. It was Delicious! We might start our on cooking show. Bryce found it pretty comical watching Nathan and I in the kitchen TOGETHER! As the most of you know, I do all the cooking. But is was nice cooking together and making something different.
Well I better get going so I can get everyone together of the family gathering this afternoon.

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