Thursday, July 15, 2010

One Extreme or Another

I always talk about how my life is one extreme or another. We received the test results back from Brianna's blood work that tested for the 2 cystic fibrosis genes that Bryce has. She is not a carrier of CF nor does she have CF. I was so excited!!! Finally, the pendulum is swinging back the other direction. That was very exciting news.
Bryce had another check up today. He is doing great. He didn't gain as much weight as they wanted so they adjusted his formula for more calories. They also started him on a prescription version of Zantac. This is to help with acid reflex. Bryce isn't really spitting up but he has a little cough and they think it maybe a result from that. The Dr. informed me that this is common in all babies and just this a precaution to help keep it from going into his lung. Remember we must keep his lungs as clear as possible. Besides that, he is perfect! He does have a little crush on his dietitian Sarah, he ahh and cooed at her the whole time she was talking.
Also today, I met another infant CF mom. Her daughter is 8 months. She was diagnosis with CF at birth. This was before they started test for CF in the PKUs. How she was diagnosis at that young was by her never passing stool when first born. She had to have surgery at 4 days young!
I must count my blessings everyday that Bryce has not had any complications with CF thus far.

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